Meet the future
Our factory has done a lot of research to develop, enrich and become more functional in the domestic area, always in continual progress. The bathroom and the laundry room become more trasnsversal for our hobbies, D.I.Y. and gardening; a new concept to enhance our wellness and daily living.
We are always conscious of our environment and so our company uses only “friendly” materials. We have a certification for this. Last but not least: our products are MADE IN ITALY.
The story
The Xilon company was created from the experience and passion of carpentry by Giuseppe Calamedici. When he was a young man and an apprendice carpenter he learnt how to become a maestro. In 1956 he emigrated to Venezuela with his wife and started to produce furniture which allowed him to become an expert craftsman and then industrialize his furniture production and have a very important success. In 1997, at the age of 70, encouraged by his youngest son Franco Fulvio, he did not not hesitate to start again. Teaching and encouraging the next generation, he started a new production for the laundry room line. So, Xilon is now a new producer based on great traditions, where past and present develop into a growing project. An Italian story. Now, after important studies, thinking about the many changes in the last years of family life styles, we have created new solutions which go together with design and practicality. Xilon helps with the needs of the family. This is a winning idea which permits us to become a leader.
Our company was born in 1997 in the industrial area of Civita Castellana. Our family traditions are motivated by human resources and new ideas for the bathroom/laundryroom, and are now the principal concepts and foundations of the Xilon company, ideas which have helped our professional history and are now able to build bridges towards the future. Over these years we have invested in new technology, respecting the work of our collegues who have always helped us to move towards the future. This collaboration has led us to a professional progress and a commercial success. So, Xilon is on the market as a leader in our trade and guarantees the excellence of our products.. Quality, design and capacity, always totally Made in Italy, will lead us to the new future.
Freedom space
A free space to be used by all members of the family. A number of objects and actions which accompany our daily and domestic life. Our way of life must not be hidden but exposed.